Bees are now on an official endangered species list

Published January 6th, 2017 by Devteam

Bees are officially at risk of extinction in the US.  This is the type of ecological disaster that should concern everyone. It’s not just one type of bee, ,it is seven types of bees no listed on the endangered species list in 2016.

The bee population has been on the decline, primarily due to human activity, the destruction of their habit and the pesticides we use.

Bee pollination is critical to global food production.  Without our pollinators, food production of some of our most nutritious foods would decline,  the entire ecosystem would be negatively affected. Pollen serves to feed a variety of species that survive off of the movement of pollen. Without bees, this entire cycle will be damaged causing plant growth to be stunted and finally, the entire food chain.

You can do your part to save the bees by choosing organic foods from small local farms, discontinue the use of yard pesticides and plant bee friendly gardens with ” “Florida Native Wildflowers“.

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